Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsability
The Sustainability Report: a journey of constant innovation

Since 2008 NOVAMONT has published a Sustainability Report in compliance with the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI): for four consecutive years, the Report has reached the highest level of conformance, defined as A+, with version GRI 3.1. From the 2015 publication, the Report comply with version GRI G4.

The Sustainability Report is the way we present ourselves to internal and external stakeholders through our commitments, strategy, management procedures and the results of our corporate activity, broken down into its three main elements: economic, environmental and social.

The various sections of the Report emphasise our continuous and increasing commitment towards:
  • setting up a new model of sustainable industrial development based on the bioeconomy;
  • improving the technical and environmental performance of our products by increasing the amount of renewable raw materials contained in them;
  • the constant involvement of and close collaboration with the company’s key stakeholders.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

In 2019 we have joined the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) programme, an international initiative designed to prevent the loss of plastic pellets and their release into the aquatic environment. The participation allows each OCS signatory to improve awareness, accelerate prevention and facilitate experience sharing. 

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