ETHICAL CODE (Legislative Decree 231/2001)

NOVAMONT operates in many institutional, economic, political, social and cultural contexts that are experiencing constant and rapid change. All NOVAMONT activities must be performed in compliance with the law, according to the principle of fair competition, with honesty, integrity and good faith, with due respect for the legitimate interests of its customers, employees, shareholders, commercial and financial partners and the communities where the company is present. All NOVAMONT employees are, without distinction or exception, committed to respecting these principles in the performance of their roles and responsibilities and to making sure that others respect them. Under no circumstances can the belief that one is acting for the benefit of the company justify behaviours that conflict with these principles.

Due to the complexity of the situations in which NOVAMONT operates, it is important to define clearly the values that NOVAMONT recognises, accepts and shares as well as the responsibilities assumed by NOVAMONT both internally and externally. It is for this reason that this Ethical Code (hereinafter called the "Code") has been produced. Compliance with the Code by NOVAMONT employees is fundamentally important in securing the sound operation, reliability and reputation of NOVAMONT, all of which are crucial factors for its success.