Novamont at the 47th World Chemistry Congress

  friday 26th july 2019


Novamont at the 47th World Chemistry Congress "Frontiers in Chemistry: Let's create our Future! 100 years with IUPAC"

The 50th General Assembly & 47th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress "Frontiers in Chemistry: Let’s create our Future! 100 years with IUPAC" was held in Paris, from 5th to 12th July 2019, in order to celebrate its Centenary, holding its General Assembly and World Congress with dedicated sessions and events.
The Congress, which hosted for the whole week scientists from around the world, about 30 symposia, 230 conferences and 900 speakers, aimed to introduce the new frontiers in the field of chemistry and in particular those aimed at supporting human wellbeing and environmental sustainability.
Luigi Capuzzi, Novamont Research Director, attended the event with a speech on the Company’s circular bioeconomy model, based on the regeneration of abandoned sites, on an integrated and sustainable agricultural value chain and on products conceived as solutions.
Capuzzi also presented the results of the researches conducted by Novamont, Hydra Marine Science - the German marine biology research and documentation institute - and the University of Siena, according to which Mater-Bi achieves high levels of biodegradation, essentially the same as those reached by the paper used as reference material, over a test period of under one year and that the speed of biodegradation increases the lower the dimensions of the item [1]. This means that Mater-Bi does not release persistent microplastics, as they completely biodegrade within 20-30 days, the time required by OECD guidelines [2].
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