Novamont participates to PolyTalk 2016 - Zero Plastics To The Oceans

  thursday 17th march 2016


Novamont participates to PolyTalk 2016 - Zero Plastics To The Oceans

With the topic “Zero Plastics to the Oceans”, PlasticsEurope, the Association of Plastics Manufactures, announced the fifth edition of PolyTalk, a two-day conference and exhibition on 16 and 17 March at the Egg Congress and Meeting Centre in Brussels, to meet, discuss and share joint solutions to marine litter.

On 17 March, during the speedtalk sessions “Product innovation”, Marco VersariNOVAMONT’s Public Affairs Manager, will explain the role of biodegradable plastics in an integrated waste management. Separate collection and organic recycling of biodegradable plastics are in fact among the initiatives to be taken to reduce the production of waste and avoiding losses in the sea.

PolyTalk 2016 gathers delegates from European and national politics and decision makers, representatives of non-governmental organisations, brand owners, designers, civil society and the plastics industry to open a constructive, multi-stakeholder debate on solutions to marine litter. The event will provide a dynamic forum where participants will discuss and identify challenges, opportunities and solutions to marine litter, as well as the role of the new Circular Economy package in the prevention of marine litter.

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