Novamont Agro

We are promoting a model of sustainable agriculture based on the cascading use of vegetable raw materials and the development of solutions to help solve specific environmental problems 

NOVAMONT is active in the agricultural sector, from the use of local raw materials (low input crops, by-products, vegetable scraps) with a “cascading” approach up to the generation of sustainable solutions through innovative industrial processes that reduce environmental impact and increase safety.

Through our research acticity we are focusing on identifying native crops that can be cultivated on unirrigated and economically marginal soils, to make the best use of the local features, maintaining biodiversity and paying great attention to soil fertility. At the same time we are maximising the use of all production components along the value chain: the “wastes” thus become co-products and the starting point for the development of new value chains..

The construction of local integrated biorefineries also arises from the development of innovative agricultural value chains. We work in collaboration with farmers and their associations, such as Coldiretti, the farmers’union at national and European level.


Our solutions for agriculture, deriving from biorefineries integrated in the local area, such as mulch films, clips, pheromone dispensers made with our bioplastics Mater-Bi, help to solve specific problems linked to the products’ end of life. Biolubricants for agricultural machineries contribute to minimise the risks associated with the dispersion of products within the ecosystem and bioherbicides to reduce the use of some high environmental impact molecules.