Novamont collaborates with Grom

The collaboration between NOVAMONT and Grom began in 2010, when the ice cream company born in Turin - today a prominent brand with over 50 ice cream parlors in Italy and shops in New York , Malibu, Paris , Osaka and Tokyo – decided to maximize its vocation towards the respect of the environment. Grom has in fact always been in continuous pursuit of the excellence of its raw materials, while respecting and protecting biodiversity with the aim of "making the best ice cream in the world",  it decided to start the project "Grom Loves World", considering the end-of-life of the products used for ice-cream consumption and, therefore, the production and disposal of waste.

Therefore, every Grom shop decided to adopt spoons (designed together with Giulio Iacchetti), take-away shopping bags and waste bags entirely made of MATER-BI, and to coat in MATER-BI the interior of all the paper cups. Separate waste collection is made in every Grom shop: this way, the consumer can easily throw food scraps and disposable tableware in the dumpsters for organic collection, that in composting facilities will be naturally transformed by microorganism in water, CO2 and biomass.

The collaboration between Grom and NOVAMONT is not limited to catering: Mura Mura organic farm uses biodegradable MATER-BI mulching fims, for example for the cultivation of melons.