CBE JU, the new partnership between the EU and the Consortium of Bio-based Industries (BIC)

  tuesday 23rd february 2021


CBE JU, the new partnership between the EU and the Consortium of Bio-based Industries (BIC)

On February 23, the European Commission has adopted a proposal establishing the CBE JU (Circular bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking), the new partnership between the European Union and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). CBE JU will succeed, in a logic of continuity, to the Public Private Partnership BBI JU, whose creation and development Novamont has actively contributed to.

With this legislative proposal, the European Commission confirms its willingness to invest significantly in the circular bioeconomy sector. Indeed, CBE JU is part of nine institutionalised partnerships proposed for areas where public-private collaboration is needed to reach the objectives and impacts of Horizon Europe Framework Programme.

Building on the strengths and success of BBI JU, the CBE will work to expand the reach of its predecessor and address the technological, regulatory, and market challenges of the bio-based industry.
In particular, CBE JU aims at further develop and expand the sustainable sourcing and conversion of biomass into bio-based products via multiscale biorefineries across sectors and regions in Europe. The partnership will also support circular approaches such as the valorisation of waste from agriculture, industry and municipal sectors to produce products, goods and materials.
Finally, CBE JU will promote investments in research and innovation in all scientific disciplines that support the bioeconomy, in order to stimulate an increasing diffusion of this sector.

The European Parliament and the Council will now study the proposal of the Commission. The adoption of the final act is expected by the end of 2021.