Novamont's approach and goals in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility are described in the new Sustainability Report and in the Impact Report.

  wednesday 4th august 2021


Novamont's approach and goals in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility are described in the new Sustainability Report and in the Impact Report.

Novamont has published the Sustainability Report, the way the group presents itself to internal and external stakeholders through its commitments, strategy, management approach and the results of the corporate activity, broken down into its three main elements: economic, environmental and social.

Since 2019 Novamont has chosen to voluntarily elaborate its Sustainability Report in accordance with the requirements of the Italian Leg. Dec. 254/2016 concerning the disclosure of information of non-financial nature, implemented by the European Directive 2014/95/EU. Consequently, the document can also go by the name of Consolidated Voluntary Non-Financial Statement, hereafter, also “NFS”. In 2021 Novamont has been named among the 10 Italian companies that have voluntarily submitted a NFS: currently, in fact, only large listed companies with more than 500 employees and large banks and insurance companies, even if not listed, are required to prepare it.

In the document the group illustrates the approach to sustainability, highlighting the key elements driving the organization and adopting the GRI Standards for the reporting. The document has a structure divided into chapters, which address the group's nine material topics (Innovation, Business integrity and stability, Value chain and product sustainability, Conformity and quality of the products, Territorial regeneration and soil protection, Responsibility towards the collaborators, Communication and sustainability awareness, Education and training, Partnership and collaboration). Moreover, it complies with the requirements and principles of the UN Global Compact, which we joined in 2020.

To learn more about the group’s approach to sustainability, visit the new section on the website and read the 2020 Sustainability Report.

As a Benefit Company, Novamont has also published its first Impact Report, in order to report its commitment to the pursuit of the five common benefit objects set out in its Articles of Associations: the regeneration of local areas, including through the redevelopment of disused productions sites, avoiding the use of virgin soil; the promotion of a circular model that maximises the recovery of organic matter using increasingly sustainable systems for the collection and treatment of biowaste to produce quality compost and organic matter; the preservation and regeneration of soil vitality and health; the development of innovative and sustainable production processes tha help decarbonise the economy; the contribution to a virtuous network of alliances with local stakeholders and different industry sectors.
In particular, the report shows the impacts generated by the group (i.e., a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the effects of its activities on society and environment) and describes the commitments and results achieved for each identified common benefit object.

Discover more on the dedicated website page and download Novamont Impact Report 2020.