wednesday 14th march 2018


"Novamont@school": bioeconomy lessons for students coming from all over Italy

"Novamont@school" is the training project created by NOVAMONT to disseminate knowledge on the issues of bioeconomy and circular economy among Italian upper and lower secondary school and university students.
Thanks to the project, the research centers and the plants of the group periodically open their doors to show our production processes, our vision on new consumption and behavior models inspired by the bioeconomy and to make known the innovative products of chemistry from renewable sources. An opportunity to share our values ​​and business model, focused on the reconnection between the economy and society and contributing to jobs growth and innovation of our country, of which the new generations are the main resource.
After the success of the past editions, in 2018 Novamont@school initiative will be held on March15th and 16th at Terni plant, the production center of Mater-Bi biodegradable and compostable bioplastics family, on April 13th at the directional and research center at Novara and on April 18th at Mater-Biotech premises, a company 100% controlled from Novamont which represents the world's first industrial plant capable of producing biobutanediol (1,4 BDO) directly from sugars.
Watch the video of the last edition of Scuola@Novamont.