Novamont@school: Novamont’s project on bioeconomy for studends

  wednesday 3rd may 2017


Novamont@school: Novamont’s project on bioeconomy for studends

NOVAMONT launched the second edition of “Novamont@school”, project that aims at creating links between the bioeconomy and students. NOVAMONT welcomed in 3 of its facilities over 500 students of both high schools and universities, in order to share with them the opportunities that come with a strong bioeconomy.
Giulia Gregori, responsible for Novamont’s Strategic Planning,  pointed out that “with Scuola@Novamont we try to link industry with schools and universities, offering Novamont’s knowledge and experience on green chemistry and more generally on the bioeconomy, which are drivers for Europe’s growth and recovery”.

Green jobs and new skills, training on bioeconomy and on production models, behavior and consumption inspired by the circular economy concepts, these are the four main points that drive the project which is developed together with the teachers.

Gregori concluded "for Novamont doing business means reconnect economy and society, contributing to jobs growth and innovation of our country, of which young people are the main resource. For this reason we see "Scuola@Novamont" as a great opportunity for discussion and growth".