The FAO - Climate Change  delegation visited the Novamont’s plant in Terni

  saturday 17th november 2018


The FAO - Climate Change delegation visited the Novamont’s plant in Terni

On 16 November,  Novamont’s production plant of Terni welcomed an international delegation of the Food Agricultural Organization for the Climate Change to make them acquaintance with the circular bioeconomy model, based on the industrial regeneration of deindustrialised sites, on the development of an agricultural value chain integrated in the local area and on products conceived to solve specific issues strictly connected to the quality of water and soil.
Federico Cioci, Plant Director, and Cecilia Giardi, Program Financing Manager, guided the guests inside the plant, to show the production process which generates the Mater-Bi, the biodegradable and compostable bioplastic’s family.
Afterwards, the participants were conducted through the experimental fields located near the plant, where Anna Ciancolini, PhD -  R&D Agronomic Sector Researcher, illustrated the ongoing experiments on the cardoon crop and on formulations based on pelargonic acid, a bioherbicide of vegetable origin which, thanks to its quick biodegradability, doesn’t leave any residues on water and soil.
The delegation, led by Marta Gómez San Juan (Bioeconomy and Climate Change / Agricultural Engineer - FAO), was composed by researcher and experienced FAO personnel from all over the world, as well as of representatives of Agricultural and Forestry Ministries of Argentina, Finland, Sweden, Brazil, Uruguay, Kazakhstan and Namibia.