CELUS-BI is our innovative family of ingredients for the cosmetics sector, made from renewable raw materials

CELUS-BI is the brand-new line of innovative and bio-based ingredients for the cosmetics sector, developed thanks to NOVAMONT’s research. CELUS-BI line includes: CELUS-BI Esters, suitable for specific applications in the health and body care and CELUS-BI Microbeads, inherent biodegradable microspheres suitable as exfoliating agents for personal care and cosmetic products.

Renewable European crops

CELUS-BI is made with renewable European crops synergic with food crops and which respects the specificities of local areas

Strategic partnership

NOVAMONT collaborates with ROELMI HPC, a traditional Italian company operating in the Health and Personal Care market, in order to provide with CELUS-BI unique and sustainability solutions for the cosmetic sector.  


Moisturizers, shampoos, foundation, lipsticks, are just some examples of the numerous applications of these innovative bio-based ingredients, combining high performance and low levels of environmental impact.