Novamont Channel

Welcome to Novamont Channel, the section where you can find all the videos to know more about our reality 

Corporate video  

Our bioeconomy model as territorial regeneration starts from deindustrialized sites and we regenerate them into "bioeconomy infrastructures" by using leading-edge technologies    

Catia Bastioli Speech

Catia Bastioli, Novamont’s CEO, shows the projects and the opportunities offered by our development model based on ongoing innovation and on the transition from a product economy to a system economy


Our events

The new corporate image and the inauguration of the world’s first industrial scale plant for the production of bio- butanediol are just some of the events that have marked our history and our recent activities


Novamont Agro

We promote a sustainable agriculture model based on a cascading approach in the use of raw materials and the development of solutions that help to solve specific environmental problems. We create  innovative agro-industrial value chains from local areas and in partnership with farmers


Infographics videos 

Our bioeconomy model outlined through infographics


Novamont in the world

For over twenty-five years, our bioeconomy model and our products have achieved a leadership recognized internationally